Thursday, May 6, 2010

NEW... NEW... NEW...

Welcome to our NEW BLOG! Here is where we will keep you updated on the latest in dentistry, technology and our office. We will start off by showing off our NEW OFFICE REMODEL!

After 51/2 months of demolition and reconstruction, our office has arisen as a state of the art facility. We are very proud of the fact that our new office was constructed with the environment in mind. Recyclable materials were used where ever possible in the superstructure and insulation. Low voltage fluorescent and LED lighting is regulated by motion sensors throughout the facility that turn lights on and off as you enter or exit the rooms, keeping electricity usage to a minimum. Our heating and air conditioning is monitored by additional thermal sensors located on the ceiling throughout the office to continually micro-adjust the air temperature. In addition to secondary filtration units within the air ducts to insure clean air quality. Each dental operatory has been equipped with the most advanced delivery units available to date. Even the water supply to the units is independent, self contained and uses Sparklett's Crystal Fresh Water in the supply lines. Most fixtures are sensor activated to minimize cross contamination. All radiographs are now digitally captured eliminating the need for any chemicals. Even our new High Definition Panoramic Imaging Machine is digital. New lead free aprons shield you from the ultra low dose exposure now available through digital radiography. Taking everything into account, our newly designed office should keep you healthy and happy for many years to come. And it is beautiful too!

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